Bluetooth Sunglasses

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Buy Bluetooth Sunglasses online in Nairobi as they have the ability to Receive phone calls without removing your phone.

  1. Listen to music with ease and comfortably.
  2. Tiltable earpiece. Meant for everyone.
  3. They are unisex
  4. Could also be used for recreational or special activity like driving,cycling, climbing etc
  5. Outdoors Travel Bluetooth Sunglasses: Stylish appearance, unique design, personality development features. Hi-Fi earphones built directly on to the frame, and can be adjusted 270 degree for comfortable fit. special with a 6″x6″ Topepop High Quality Clean cloth
  6. Easy To Use: Support music up and down song playback, calls and music can automatically switch, so you enjoy the music at the same time do not miss every phone. Support both headset and hands-free profiles, reporting phone number function when calls coming.
  7. Made of Polarized Lenses: it has the function of anti-rays, no glare and good eye health care. It’s better protecting your eyes and make you sight clearer.
  8. With Stable and Comfortable Earbuds: It makes you enjoy an pleasant experience during your journey. it’s comfortable and secure for bicyclist, runners, Hiker etc. Enjoy music in the sun without disturbance and protect your eyes and eyesight
  9. Compatibility: fashion universal bluetooth headset, it support all devices which have Bluetooth function, such as iPhone iPad iPod Samsung HTC Sony LG Smart Phones PC Tablet iPad and so on.
  10. Polarized lenses provide the best protection for your eyes in effectively prevent ultraviolet rays.
  11. Fashionable design with foldable sunglasses, the headset is adjustable and can be freely telescoped.
  12. Comfortable wearing and secure for running, hiking, it can prevent sunlight damage to your eyesight and let you enjoy music on your journey.
  13. Important when answering phone calls and playing music by operating Play/ Stop button and Volume control button
  14. With Stable and Comfortable earbuds makes you enjoy an pleasant experience during your journey
  15. Wireless listen to stereo music, set aside to answer the call automatically converted

     Extremely Comfortable Bluetooth Sunglasses

      -comfortable and secure for bicyclist, runners, Hiker etc.Enjoy music in the sun 



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